“Alone we can do so little together we can do so more ”


Hellen Keller said it rightly highlighting the utmost importance of working together. Teamwork is a pivotal principle when it comes to being successful whether its business world or professional life. Teamwork lies in the group of people with complementary skills that work together for the achievement of a unified vision, amplifying the efficacy of goal thousand folds.

Teamwork is a collaborative term, which implies that conjoining together on several errands diminishing the amount of work on all bodies by aiding them to share obligations and notions. The numerous advantages of teamwork outweighs its minor disadvantages manifesting that it’s an extremely efficient rule while working professionally, elaborating the benefits of teamwork Michael Jordan aptly said.

A software on task management by name of proof hub elaborates 11 benefits of teamwork in a work place.

It fosters creativity and leaning inspiring personnel to flourish together and participate together in a team. Working together raises the enthusiasm for the whole team to bring out more ideas and share knowledge. The workload is shared without exposing the burden on one individual.

Working as a group, neglecting your individual objectives, and striving for the achievement of common unified goal participants go through prolong collaborative sessions and group interactions that give them the perspective to analyze various solutions. One important advantage of teamwork is it brings in various personality types giving a chance to each person focusing on something they are good at.


Teamwork creates better service boosts productivity and inculcates a sense of team spirit. According to an article by Leigh Richards’s one advantage of teamwork is its ability to endorse unison in any organization. The universalistic approach of many teams helps to create an environment of harmony among the members of an organization thus attributing to increasing individual effectiveness which contributes towards amplification of final outcome.

Sharing of work between team members who have different insights and unique expertise really boosts up the efficacy of an organization. According to him the loss of efficiency can be a challenge faced by the team which can occur when the team hasn’t established a hierarchy like a leader to direct them our when a team has an indecisive approach.

Additionally, as it is true that actions speak better than words many teams spend more time in formulating an action than on implementing it thus contributing to time-lapse.


Another challenge is the lack of effective communication in the allocation of errands

overall objectives and response can be misinterpreted and envisioned communications are lost and product of teamwork develops something altered from what had been planned. While bringing people of different views together for accord it can also lead sometimes to impairment of morale and disrupt teams’ success.


Just like a mother gives a sense of direction to her child, a teacher acts as guiding light for his pupil and a sailor determines the path of his ship.In the same way effectiveness of work is determined by the unity of the team and its meticulous efforts and directing of a team in return is obtained by a headstrong leader. We live in a society where leadership is a forgotten trait and teamwork is an elapsed principle, where the success of work depends more on the degree of nepotism than pillars of harmony and accord. Alas in these falling circumstances the only ray of hope is teamwork and true leadership.


While talking about teamwork as the most effective method of organizing work, conflict resolution is inevitable talk. When people of different ideologies come together having distinguished insights working for the achievement of a common objective conflict can halt the success of goal achievement. Just like a drought strips off a tree from its fruits and plant from its flower in the same way conflict can deprive a team of its goal. While dealing with conflict resolution experts usually devise a 6 rules system those six rules are embracement of conflicting situations, conversation together, hearing cautiously, seeking covenant, offering guidance, be swift in apologizing.

When it comes to teamwork many professional teams and business icons use Lencioni model of team development.

This model is a pyramid consisting of five tiers. The first one focuses on revealing vulnerabilities and building trust, the second one says to confront conflict, the third tier is about commitment, forth is about accountability and the last say attention towards the result.

In the modern era, effectiveness of organizing work mostly depends upon teamwork. There is a famous saying that success always comes with a price. Well in case of teamwork its proven wrong. The relationship of the team member with professional work is symbiotic once both get the advantage of Team in the form of success and professional work, in form of the upheaval of the outcome. Most of the things in this world work better when they are in equilibrium.

For example, sunsets and dawn, rain and the land it nourishes similarly team’s effort and aim accomplishment work in equilibrium the more you give the better you get.

As indicated by a research done by Philip Cohen and hector Lévesque from Toronto university joint activity by group papers to include something other than the association of synchronous individual activity, in any event, despite when those are facilitated. We can’t claim there is collaboration in mobile traffic by the drivers even though activities are well-coordinated yet when a group of drivers chooses to accomplish something together like going in convoy cooperation infers.

Hence teamwork helps to channelize an individual’s strength with proper coordination and consistency. Teamwork is an effective thing that can lead to magnificent achievements in the world of business and the professional world as well. People who develop the skills of working alongside other people achieve many things. They learn management and leadership skills, the following skills, and communication skills. Teamwork is one of the core factor behind any thriving organization. The ultimate fruit of teamwork is success and one of the most important ingredients for success itself is determination.

Opportunities don’t happen you have to create them. The whole essence of the essay concludes that teamwork is the most effective method of organizing work whether that be in an educational field, or in the business world or any professional workforce. Working together as a team not only nourishes individual abilities but also speeds up the arduous journey towards the reward, motivation, determination, fortitude, resilience, and will power be the attributes that boost up the productivity of the team. When Abraham Lincoln said united, we stand divided we fall he truly elaborated teamwork importance.


The world is learning the value of ethics every day. Now the world is demanding ethical business.

That’s where a leader comes in front and practices ethical measures every day dictating his organization’s meaning and importance of ethics in business. An excellent example of unethical business is Saga Sports. Their excessive use of child labor caused them to fall on the ground from the top position. So a leader knows the value of ethical practices in today’s world.

Integrity is one more major concern that businesses face today. But an effective leader has the integrity as an essential part of his life. He practices integrity and truthfulness with such enthusiasm and passion that it becomes part of his worker’s life too. By observing him, his employees also practice integrity with their heart and that’s among one of the secrets of organizational success. An excellent example would be a Red bull case. They made an ad that depicted something that isn’t performed by their product and hence they faced lawsuit just because they lacked integrity.

Social Responsibility also known as CSR has become an integral part of the business world. It’s a gesture that helps an organization to gain a good image of his firm in the eyes of this world. CSR is as important as any service or product of the organization. Most company while launching their new products, before any further step consider CSR as a part of their campaign. TOMS CSR is an excellent example. They donate shoes as a CSR campaign .

Integrity, motivation, goal-oriented steps, CSR, etc are some of the steps that ensure the success of an organization. And an effective leader is the one who ensures all to put the organization on track to success. He is crucial to an organization just like bricks are crucial to a building.

The world is deprived of effective leaders. Either you have to search them out from an entire population or you have to train and create your own leaders. The choice is yours but effective leaders are a must component of an organization if you want your organization to succeed in the long run.