This world started with one pair, Adam and Eve. At that time there was not much need for leadership. You could do anything you want. You don’t have to consider others. Food was plenty enough. No advancement and services concept was there. Hence, leadership was not needed as much as it is needed today.

As the world progressed, resources fell short of people’s need.  Then Man felt the need to collaborate and many new systems came into existence like Barter System.

Slowly, Collaboration intensified and groups, teams came into existence to work together to earn a living.

Now, the problem aroused here. Mainly, the business motive is to work for the same goal but each person was working for their interest. That created a huge mess and problem for an organization. The need for leadership started to intense. Let’s have a look at what is meant by leadership and why is it important.

As mentioned above, Leadership is a skill that encourages people to work for the same motive. People are driven by the same organizational goal, leaving their personal interests aside. And that’s what a leader does, making people join on the same platform.

There are 7 most common styles of leadership (Martinuzzi, 2019). Not every style is effective at every person and every place. Every place has a different need. And to be effective, a leader must be flexible according to the situation. A leader is necessary for organizational success. Let’s see why….

Leadership is vital to the prosperity of any organization. An effective leader is a pivot point of any organization. It strengths the organizational goals and leads the whole firm towards an identical organizational aim He is the focal person that explains and initiates organizational objective and the whole crew follows him. Understanding of the objective is as crucial as working on it. A leader is the one who makes the whole crew learn why an organization is chasing a specific objective and the underlying reasons why it is crucial. Understanding the whole concept of the objective makes it easier for employees to work on it with utmost dedication and concentration. So, the first step to success is always having an aim to follow. That’s what a leader does in dictating and explaining an objective.

The world is becoming a global village. Globalization is among one of the latest hot topics in the world. The economy is expanding and so is the business. Businesses are going global.

And it is affecting businesses greatly. Before globalization, it was easy to manage employees as all of them belonged to the same culture. But now the organizations are becoming multicultural, so managing employees is getting very hard.

An effective leader devises a new way to bring together all of its employees on the exact platform and gear up their pace leading towards organizational success. So coping with the ever-changing world and globalization is crucial to success. And that’s where an effective leader comes to rescue the whole organization and lead its employees on the way to success.

An amazing thing about an organization is its culture. A multinational and well known successful company doesn’t necessarily have an amazing culture. Reportedly, a well-known company can have a strange and even worse organizational culture like UBER.

Organizational culture defines the turnover rate of the company. An organization with an amazing organizational culture like Google ensures a lower turnover rate and higher employee withholding. An effective leader creates an utmost pleasant internal atmosphere for its employees to motivate them towards a common goal. That is a ticket to organizational success.

Ups and downs are a part of the business. And an effective leader is the one who is insightful about the circumstances even before it takes place.

He is the one who is one step ahead of the time. He plans strategies to revert to success if some calamity approaches his organization. He never lets any circumstance to come in between the growth and success of his organization. An effective leader helps the organization to stay focused in the time of calamity. He doesn’t let any sort of cataclysm to disturb his organization and its pace to success. Leadership is crucial to deal with such hard times so that nothing can come forward to stop an organization from success.

Innovation is a focal point of today’s era. An effective leader generates new and innovative ideas and also encourages his crew to work innovatively. The invention is the mother of necessity and an effective leader has a deep realization of this fact. So whenever a new idea approaches him, he makes sure to understand and appreciate it. He is not willing to degrade any employee who comes up with innovative solutions. He owns and praises them well. He has a deep insight into the needs and wants of this era. So, he innovates and lines up his organization on the path of success.

An effective leader has a deep insight into the skills his crew members are loaded with. He encourages them, trains them, polishes their talents, and use them for the betterment of his organization. And he never feels embarrassed to award credit to his crew members. He is a genuine person polishing the talent of his employees and using it for the organization’s motive.

The world is learning the value of ethics every day. Now the world is demanding ethical business.

That’s where a leader comes in front and practices ethical measures every day dictating his organization’s meaning and importance of ethics in business. An excellent example of unethical business is Saga Sports. Their excessive use of child labor caused them to fall on the ground from the top position. So a leader knows the value of ethical practices in today’s world.

Integrity is one more major concern that businesses face today. But an effective leader has the integrity as an essential part of his life. He practices integrity and truthfulness with such enthusiasm and passion that it becomes part of his worker’s life too. By observing him, his employees also practice integrity with their heart and that’s among one of the secrets of organizational success. An excellent example would be a Red bull case. They made an ad that depicted something that isn’t performed by their product and hence they faced lawsuit just because they lacked integrity.

Social Responsibility also known as CSR has become an integral part of the business world. It’s a gesture that helps an organization to gain a good image of his firm in the eyes of this world. CSR is as important as any service or product of the organization. Most company while launching their new products, before any further step consider CSR as a part of their campaign. TOMS CSR is an excellent example. They donate shoes as a CSR campaign .

Integrity, motivation, goal-oriented steps, CSR, etc are some of the steps that ensure the success of an organization. And an effective leader is the one who ensures all to put the organization on track to success. He is crucial to an organization just like bricks are crucial to a building.

The world is deprived of effective leaders. Either you have to search them out from an entire population or you have to train and create your own leaders. The choice is yours but effective leaders are a must component of an organization if you want your organization to succeed in the long run.


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