It is very much unfortunate to say that 445000 students annually our so-called educational factories i.e universities produce.

But the job opportunities are no more than 200-250.In an underdeveloped and poverty-stricken country like Pakistan where the unemployment rate stands at 6.14%

the freelance market is a positive ray of hope. With the youth enlightenment due to the rapid inception of social media, new avenues for making careers have been observed.

This could be ascribed as a prime time to initiate learning digital marketing skills and opt for such skills as full-time career opportunities.

As this covid-19 situation has resulted in a sudden boost up of people switching to teleworking and freelance based platforms. One can adopt it as a career and cash his skills by earning a handsome amount.

Many freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork provide ample opportunities to earn well by proper utilization of your skills and academic capacities.

We can say that the covid period has served our people with the enlightenment to quit traditional job-based thinking and learn the latest cutting edge technologies and ensure a better today for them and their families.

Nowadays many digital marketing and advertisement firms hire fresh graduates and utilize their potential to make them get most of their potential clients and customers.

Let’s now go through a brief exposition of leading jobs in the digital marketing sector that can make you five or even six-figure income. And that also with minimum or even zero investment.


Some of the most demanding digital skills of today's freelance job market are as follows
Social Media management professionals

social media managers are the ones who ensure the apt social presence of any company. They draft the strategy for their projects and make sure that the right audience is receiving the right update at the right time.

It seems quite an easy task to have hands-on social media marketing as most people perceive it just as posting on social media but if you intend to choose it as your career, you would understand it with thorough learning and experience that it is a lot more than that.

Some of the core concepts one has to develop and practice include making social media strategy, content writing, market research about the targeted audience, strategies for engaging people, handling of negatives responses from the audience, and many more.

If one has command of the basic concepts of digital marketing he can land on good job placement and excel in this career.


Content writers and Strategists

Content strategists and content creators are experts of two different domains but the core remains the same i.e content.

when a content strategist plans and defines the look and feel of the content it’s the content producer who gives his ideas a realistic view i.e by composing catchy and concrete content.

He is the one who is responsible for giving his plan a viable execution.

So, in a nutshell, it concluded that people seek content in textual or visual form. So, words stand as a necessity of changing market trends.

With this skill of writing quality content not only you can make a handsome amount by getting a job but also initiate your careers in the form of blog writer and YouTuber.



Now comes the role of people good at running ad campaigns like that on Google and Facebook.

They provide their surplus services to different eCommerce businesses and get them sales.

what is expected of them to have a sound knowledge of ad formats, ad optimization techniques, and research about engaging the right audience to run these campaigns?



Here are the people to bring the traffic to your website. No matter you have maintained your online presence by developing a good web application for you but it’s in vain if attracting no traffic over it.

Because you won’t be able to achieve the core objective i.e. generate revenue for your business.

It is common though false mindset that the thing in the top and readily available draws the attention of users so, SEO expert makes the usage of this mindset and with the inclusion of suitable tags rank his/her website on the top.

SO they play a pivotal role in ranking their site on the top of the search engine result page.

One can get expertise in this field and ensure a continual source of revenue for his business.



Affiliate marketing stands out as one of the most rapidly rising fields in the Pakistani community.

In this field, one gets a certain commission on promoting any organization’s products or getting them customers for their services under a specific affiliate marketing program.

When a product is bought using your affiliate link an already agreed commission amount is transferred to your account. Notable affiliate marketing platforms these days are PeerFly, Clickbooth, etc.

One can pursue it on his own or may join a team of other already working affiliate marketing groups and grow together with them.